The Hot Dozen Resources You’ll Want For Your Centre In 2024

At MTA, we love listening to you and understanding what you care about in your early learning centre. We know you’re juggling a LOT of things – budgets, funding, resourcing, staffing and caring for those little growing minds. Our team has curated a fresh dozen resources for all budgets and needs we think you’ll love

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Toy Gift Guide Leaderboard vector images of toy bunting

Toy Gift Guide For Parents

Has the Grinch stolen your Christmas gifting inspiration? Our teacher-approved Christmas gift guide is packed with ideas that are guaranteed to bring smiles on Christmas morning (and won’t end up stuffed in the back of the closet come January!).

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Magnetic Tiles construction on table

10 Most Popular Educational Resources Of 2021

Penny Groen

Let’s talk about learning resources and what makes some of them so popular! Is it the quality, reliability and value for money? Is it their sustainability and eco-friendly footprint on the environment? Is it the play value? Yes, absolutely! But it’s also so much more than that.

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Brighter Times Books inside spread preview

Books For Brighter Times

Emily Bruce

Rise and shine, it’s book blog time! Welcome back to the MTA Book Blog, this month coming to you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from a very different-looking Sydney. We were thrilled that so many of you enjoyed and responded to the last post, Picture Books For Unsettling Times, in which we looked at some beautiful books

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Christmas Craft Flatlay

Crafts To Inspire Christmas Creativity

Olivia Siddaway

Christmas is such a special time of year, and no doubt in recent times it has become an even more important holiday where families can bond and celebrate. Inspiring joy and inviting groups of students to create festive crafts brings about warmth and connection. The act of making can have such a positive effect on

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MTA Book Blog August Picture Books

Picture Books For Unsettling Times

Emily Bruce

Welcome back to the MTA Book Blog, this month coming to you from my lockdown book cave here in Sydney. If you haven’t had chance yet, do check out the previous book blog post, Telling the Story of Lockdown, posted back in June. At the time, I could never have guessed that we were only

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OSMO Coding Game and Tablet

Hands-On Learning Experiences With Osmo

Taylor Donnelly

The Osmo range features some of my favourite classroom resources for introducing coding and integrating technology across multiple key learning areas. Today I’m going to share with you the top five things I love about Osmo. Read along to find top-rated products and resources that my students and I love to use in our classroom.

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Together Apart. Inside book spread

Telling The Story Of Lockdown

Emily Bruce

Welcome back to the MTA Book Blog, where I, Managing Editor and Bookworm-in-Residence here at MTA, am once again dropping into your inbox to spread the word about one of the awesome book packs that we’ve been busily curating for your classroom. We were over the moon (wink) that so many of you enjoyed the

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Beebot on Beebot street mat on classroom floor

Learning Maths Through Play

Eleni Kyritsis

  Students must hold maths in their hands before they can hold maths in their heads” (Anonymous) Teaching mathematical concepts to young students can be done in a fun and engaging way through hands-on learning experiences. By introducing maths concepts through play-based learning activities, students can make connections by seeing and holding maths in their

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Storytime in Space – Welcome to the Book Blog!

Emily Bruce

Houston, we have a book blog! Welcome to the MTA Book Blog, where I, Managing Editor and Bookworm-in-Residence here at MTA, will be checking in with you regularly to shine a light on one of the fantastic book packs that we’ve been busily curating just for you. In case you hadn’t guessed the theme yet,

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